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Why the Messy Side of Plumbing Doesn’t Bother Us Anymore

It’s a question often asked and a judgment often passed: How could plumbers want to spend all day dealing with clogged toilets?

Yes, it’s true. There is a very obvious “number two” element to the job that we don’t particularly relish, but plumbing doesn’t start and end with unclogging toilets. In fact, it’s only a small portion of the job description. So why does the world fixate on this? Because we certainly don’t.

The Importance of Plumbing

Like most plumbers, we believe that there is unseen respectability and importance to our type of work that often goes unnoticed in the public eye. Understandably, our customers fixate on the one unpleasant part of the job, which minimizes all of the other important components. But in fact, every living human being on this planet owes a huge debt of gratitude to modern plumbing; before municipal sewage and waste management (all bastions of plumbing), “dealing” with black water meant tossing the contents of a bucket over the window, shouting “gardyloo” to passersby below, and waiting for the wastewater to seep into the ground, which would then get carried away by hoof and foot, or washed through the streets by heavy rain.

It’s not difficult to imagine the smell and disease that arose from these unsavoury practices. History has shown us over and over again what the consequences are of inefficient plumbing and sanitation.

Why do we owe our lives today to modern plumbing? Because our ancestors finally realized that in order for our species to survive, we need to abide by a basic principle of hygiene and cleanliness: Clean water comes in and dirty water goes out, and neither should interfere with the other. Plumbing puts that principle into practice.

Plumbing in the Eyes of the Public

There is a direct correlation between the advancements in plumbing and the rising life expectancy. With all these accomplishments, however, the plumbing industry continues to be synonymous with unsavoury practices. Are not surgeons, nurses, veterinarians, and even farmers exposed to the same level of human or animal putrefaction? And yet these noble professions do not face public scrutiny because a share of their work is dedicated to the removal of black water.

Why Black Water Doesn’t Bother Us

To put it plainly, we’re professionals! We’re also tacticians, puzzle-solvers, life-savers, explorers, and fixers. Like many other jobs, we have to get our hands dirty occasionally. That doesn’t diminish the fact that we can trace our professional lineage all the way back to Ancient Rome. Since then, our profession has been dedicated to keeping our community safe, clean, and healthy.

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