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Tips for A Fun Summer For the Water Conscious

Another Canadian summer has arrived, and for people of the Golden Horseshoe, it has been an unusual time. A higher than normal amount of rain has been falling in the area, but that hasn’t stopped the occasional heat wave from causing some weather alerts.

The arrival of summer usually means an increase in the water bill for a number of reasons. Households with kids may use more water because of sprinkler and other hose-related fun. But washing cars and keeping gardens moist also takes its toll. We have a few tips ready to help people enjoy their water this summer without necessarily paying more for it.

Get a Rain Barrel Installed

This is especially true this year, with the unusually high amounts of rain. People who have gardens and lawns need to periodically water them during these hot summer months to keep the vegetation healthy, but that can mean using up a lot of water.

If you get a rain barrel put on your property, that addition can save you liters of water usage. It’s not advised you use it for drinking or cooking, but putting it on your flowers, trees, plants, and grass is perfect and saves you the expense of pumping water from the city supply. If your home uses a portable dehumidifier for the basement or another area, that water can also be put to use!

Create an Undersea Space for Toys

This is a great water-based, outdoor activity for kids with toys. All you need is a bin of water, some rocks to throw in, and a few additional toys or props like boats, action figures, monsters or other toys that may be in the house. Bring it all out into the yard and create a new, splash-approved play space.

Now, your kids and their friends have a “tub” with a sea environment that they can freely splash around with all they want. Sea adventures with action figures and other toys are always a favorite for a child’s imagination, but there’s no reason to limit this type of play to just the bathtub. Bring it out into the yard, and let them enjoy themselves without breaking out the hose and sprinklers for water-based activity.

The Backyard Bath

If you’ve got very young children or even older kids that are game for it, try saving some money and having fun by undertaking a backyard bathing experience. A change of venue for toddlers and other wee ones with all the splashing and fun can make a big difference.

If you’ve got any somewhat older children, they can participate too if they like. Taking this time to clean children outside helps you to save on water since there won’t be a need for further baths or showers that day, they’ve already cleaned themselves up.