How to cut plumbing costs when remodeling

How to cut plumbing costs when remodeling

December 5, 2022

We all love a good remodel. From before and after pictures, to the process itself, we have all happily succumbed and joined the HGTV generation obsessed with home renovation. However, HGTV has painted an inaccurate, yet pleasing, picture of the cost and time it takes to remodel a home. So, when you decide to take on the most important home renovation of all time—yours—you are met with the shocking reality that remodels encounter obstacles that oftentimes derail your plan and your budget. We don’t want this happening to you, so we are here to help!

Achieve your ideal home without the worry of going over-budget without Gold Medal Plumbing renovation tips. Follow our cost-saving plumbing recommendations to keep your reno on budget, on time, and on par with your expectations.


Once you give us your plumbing plans, don’t change them. Altering your plumbing footprint will increase the cost of your overall renovation, not to mention obliterate your original remodel timeline. Moving water supplies, drain pipes, sewer pipes, and vent stacks are big-ticket items that will put a dent in your budget, especially if you change your mind after they have been installed.

If you are remodeling your bathroom, try to keep your shower, sink, and toilet in, or around, the same spot you had it previously. This will save in costs, as plumbers won’t have to tear up your floors, and walls, to move your main water and sewer sources. The same goes for a kitchen remodel. Keep your dishwasher and sink in the same place you had it before, and you will drastically save.


When it comes to piping, there is not much you can do about labor costs. Installing, moving, or updating piping will, on average, cost the same from plumber to plumber. However, you can control what materials you use in your remodel. PEX piping is the way to go when you want to save money. Instead of using copper piping, which is expensive, install strong plastic piping, or PEX piping. It costs two-thirds of the price of copper piping.


With your new PEX piping, choose crimp fit couplings. When repiping, pipes are reconfigured and require new bonding tools and materials. When putting two pipes together, there are two options: crimp-fit couplings and push-fit couplings. Crimp-fit couplings are ten times less expensive than push-fit couplings because they require a plumber to use a crimping tool to squeeze a copper ring on one pipe over a copper fitting on a partnering pipe to ensure the two pipes are securely fastened together, rather than automatically connecting.

You may think labor will be more expensive with this type of installation; however, most plumbers can install crimp-fit couplings just as fast as push-fit couplings. So, go with the less expensive option here–it is just as safe and just as good as the more expensive choice. It will save you a ton of money on material costs.


You want a plumbing contractor, not an emergency plumber, and here’s why. Calling an emergency plumbing line for a planned remodel will cost you loads more than scheduling and hiring a professional plumbing contractor. When you hire an emergency plumber, you are paying a premium for immediate service. When planning a remodel, think about scheduling your plumber in advance. Even though most plumbing companies do both emergency and scheduled repairs and renovations, you should still hire a professional for your job ahead of time. Your remodel budget will thank you.

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